Cyborg Arena

As a last survivor of a world ruled by cyborgs, fight and resist the waves of cyberpunk androids through destructible levels set in horror ambient playable with different game modes.

Based on Action Alien, Cyborg Arena is a first person shooter taking place inside 4 arenas set in various destructible environments playable with 3 customisable game modes, Scavenger Mode, Survival Mode and Mutator Mode.

The game modes consist of missions ranging from collecting dispersed items, resisting for as long as possible against waves of cyborgs, to Mutator Mode which has a lot of customisable features such as playing with high jumps, friendly cyborgs, upgraded weapons and perks, etc...

To deal with the cyborgs, powerful weapons such as shotguns, laser rifles, rocket launchers are avaible and can be boosted during combats. The cyborgs themselves are attacking with melee and ranged weapons.

Many achievements to unlock are also available, with support of Steam trading cards, Steam cloud and customisable graphics settings, including support for 4k resolution. Playable with Xbox-like gamepads.

The game is still in development so changes may occur for the final release, and more features might be added !